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3 Graduation Gift Ideas For The Teen Who Isn't Interested In College

If your teen is not interested in attending college after graduating, consider surprising them with a graduation gift that is enjoyable yet inspiring – something that will help enhance their experience when it comes time to create a career for themselves. Here are three interesting gift ideas that may appeal to your graduating teen:

Pay for Electrician Trade School

While your teen doesn't want to spend a lot of time in college, they may enjoy the opportunity to start a lucrative career as an electrician by getting certified. Electrician training teaches students everything they need to know to successfully design, install, maintain, and repair electrical systems in homes and businesses.

Your teen will become familiar with the National Electrical Code, which is used for examinations and is designed to prepare them for safely working on both low and high-voltage electrical systems. After just a few months of specialized training at a certified trade school, your teen will have the opportunity to take on an exciting apprenticeship before starting their own electrical business or going to work for an already established company. For more information, check out a place like HVAC Technical Institute.

Book an Overseas Volunteer Vacation

Enrich your teen's life after high school by offering an overseas volunteer vacation to enjoy. The experience will provide your teen with a variety of learning opportunities that give them a deeper understanding of foreign cultures, new languages, and other ways of life. Because volunteering tends to impress employers, heading overseas for a volunteer gig is sure to give your teen's resume a boost when they get back home and want to start making money. And volunteering abroad is likely to give your teen a sense of pride and satisfaction when all is said and done. There are a variety of interesting volunteer opportunities to choose from, so it's a good idea to determine a budget for your teen to work with when they choose where they want to visit and volunteer.

Create a Starter Investment Portfolio

Just because your teen isn't interested in going to college doesn't mean that they don't deserve to create financial stability for themselves long-term. By setting up a starter investment portfolio for your teen to manage and expand, you'll be providing them with a valuable gift that will likely keep on giving throughout their adult years. Invest in a couple of inexpensive stocks, buy a set of collectible coins and purchase a small bond to get your teen started. It's a good idea to include a consultation with a professional investor so your teen can get some support when they're ready to expand the portfolio.

These gift ideas are sure to pleasantly surprise your teen and provide them with some inspiration that they can use to become successful in life.